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The “ProNaturApp” application and this website bring together basic information about the ongoing Project “Increasing the efficiency of the installation for the recovery of recyclable materials in Zakład Gospodarki Odpadami Międzygminnego Komplex Unieliwiania Odpadów ProNatura Sp. z o.o. in Bydgoszcz “.

They provide information about the current course of works and their progress. They also contain the necessary data on the Project’s financing sources, its costs, as well as detailed information on the amount of co-financing by the European Union.

The website is also a source of current information for its users. In addition to the above functions offered by the website, the application acts as an educational platform with easy access to information on the principles of waste segregation, waste management hierarchy and helps in determining the appropriate waste fraction (container color) using a waste search engine indicating its category.


The application is a source of information about the schedule of all waste disposal carried out by the Company for its users and sends alerts about the upcoming dates of waste disposal for the indicated locations. In addition to automatic synchronization with the waste disposal calendar, the application made it possible to manually enter the collection schedule for all waste fractions for other users who do not use ProNatura services. In addition, the application provides a calendar of events along with the possibility of sending notifications about upcoming events.

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